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AMANDA VALENTINE | Valentine Valentine 

Amanda Valentine | Nashville, TN

‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘12 | ‘11
Amanda Valentine is a women's ready-to-wear collection created by designer and stylist Amanda Valentine. Amanda competed on Project Runway (Seasons 11 and 13) and has been voted "Nashville's Best Fashion Designer" by readers of the Nashville Scene for the last four years.

While creating collections, Amanda styles wardrobe for numerous rock bands including Twenty One Pilots and infuses her women’s line with edge - and always ease. Bold prints, dramatic color blocking and exaggerated silhouettes make an appearance each collection.

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Black by Maria Silver

Maria (Poni) Silver | Nashville, TN

‘18 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘13 | ‘12
2017 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient

2016 Fashion Forward Rising Star Award
Designer Maria Silver graduated from F.I.T. (NYC) in women's contemporary clothing and costume design. After working on Broadway, also in NYC and LA as a design assistant, and touring the world drumming for cult rock band The Ettes, she founded her fashion line, Black By Maria Silver, in 2011. BBMS has been featured in Nylon, Bust, Refinery 29, StyleBlueprint, Elle, and others. More recently, Silver designed for the critically acclaimed Nashville Ballet production 7 Deadly Sins, and in 2017, opened her first BBMS storefront in East Nashville.

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Bone Feather

Brooke S. Hagaman | Nashville, TN

Nashville native, Brooke Hagaman, launched the Bone Feather leather collection in December 2011. Each piece is handcrafted in Nashville and uses 100 percent natural leather, solid brass hardware, hand-carved buffalo bone feathers and 100 percent cotton lining. Each bag incorporates the natural raw edge of the leather hide making every product one of a kind. 

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Circle of Gentleman

Michael Magnone | Netherlands

presented by Levy's
In 2006, two childhood friends sought to subvert current fashion trends by designing a new kind of shirt. Today, Circle of Gentlemen has evolved into a full men's collection. Focused on offering the best in quality and design, the Dutch brand is motivated to change the "appearance of the street view" though the use of Italian fabrics and exclusive patterns. 

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Eric A Bornhop | Nashville, TN

2015 | 2014
2015 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient
Eric Bornhop began his fashion career apprenticing under legendary designer/tailor Manuel in 2012. Inspired by everything beautiful, Eric launches his menswear line “Eric Adler” in NFW 2014, which mixes muted traditional styles with loud adornment for a wildly alluring combination.

European inspired and Nashville cultivated, Eric Adler is a menswear designer grown from the idea that style is for the everyday. Always tastefully bold, Eric Adler presents a collection of fine men’s garments suited for the Tastemaker. 

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Anna Zeitlin | Nashville, TN

Each Fanny & June hat is made by hand by Anna Zeitlin in Nashville using traditional couture millinery techniques down to the smallest detail. Silk flowers adorning the hats are crafted petal by petal. Fanny & June works in a variety of styles and materials including straw, silk, sanity and felt. 

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Lagilelei Nadeau | Chicago, IL

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘ 13

The Nadeau collection blends high-end sophistication with feminine styling. This distinct style is emphasized by the designer's use of luxurious fabrications mixed with interesting detailing. Nadeau creates high quality pieces made in the USA, for women who have a strong sense of self and style.

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Margaret Ellis Jewelry

Mclaine Richardson | Nashville, TN

Margaret Ellis Jewelry utilizes strong shapes and textures to bring new relevance to classic designs. Precious metals handcrafted using traditional metalsmith techniques form modern and timeless works of art designed to be worn for years to come. Margaret Ellis Jewelry has been owned and designed by Mclaine Richardson since January 2013, following Margaret's retirement from the brand she founded in 1983. 

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Megan Huntz | Atlanta, GA

2016 | 2015

Megan Huntz is an American fashion designer based in Atlanta. She founded her slow-fashion collection, Megan Huntz Dresses, in 2010, after spending nearly a decade in Italy and Spain, designing for companies such as Spazio Lazzari of Treviso and the MaxMara group.

Huntz graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Industrial Design and studied fashion at Domus Academy in Milan.

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Leslie Stephens | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2018 | 2015
Nashville based and produced clothing line Ola Mai is designed by Leslie Stephens, a Nashville native who strives to support a positive body image for women with quality garments known for their unique elegance. Stephens’ designs are driven by the desire to allow every woman to express herself. The line takes its name from Stephens’ great-grandmother, Ola Mai.

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Ashley Balding | Nashville, TN

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15
Ona Rex was established in 2014 and seeks to provide unique, luxurious garments to the bold, independent woman.  Saturated colors, rich textures, and careful silhouettes invoke a sense of whimsy and strength amidst the chaos of the modern world.  Ona Rex is designed and produced in-house in Nashville, Tennessee.

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P&D by last wall.jpg


Dana & Phillip Nappi | Nashville, TN

In 1904, Peter Nappi emigrated from southern Italy to the United States, bringing with him a family tradition in shoemaking dating back more than a century. His attention to detail and dedication to both his craft and family inspired his American grandson Phillip Nappi to revive his legacy in 2009, officially establishing the Peter Nappi Brand and opening its flagship showroom and store in Nashville.  

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Truly Alvarenga | Nashville, TN

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘13 | ‘12
Truly Alvarenga is known primarily for her one-of-a-kind Couture Garments, wielding an aesthetic that is both florid and unique. Admirers of her style appreciate both the meticulous craftsmanship and the colorful stories that accompany the collections.

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Alfredo Bove | London, UK

presented by Any Old Iron
Established in the UK in the early 90’s, Religion firmly rooted itself in early club culture. This was a time when music was chemically inspired and beliefs were publicly expressed on statement tees. Initially developed as a niche t-shirt range, Religion’s blend of anarchic graphics and commercial attributes has pushed the brand to the front of the fashion and media spotlight. 

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Erin Proctor Herb | Nashville, TN

Erin Proctor Herb’s interior design background and admiration of Alexander Calder’s sculptural works led her to design contemporary architectural jewelry. She focuses on creating an almost weightless feel to her pieces by engineering a modern structure consisting of a series of hand formed 14K gold-filled wire elements. Semiprecious stones are strategically incorporated to balance a dash of luxury with the architectural structure. 

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Seraphine Design

Brooke Seraphine | Nashville, TN

Brooke Seraphine started her modern and timeless line in Nashville in the Fall of 2012. The line features uniquely gorgeous jewelry crafted from raw stone sources throughout the world, including her signature element - glittering Peruvian pyrite. Her pieces can be found in the collections of A-list celebrities including Kristin Bell and Gwyneth Paltrow and in top boutiques around the country.

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Allison Volek Shelton | Nashville, TN

Founded in 2011 by Allison Volek Shelton, Shutters & Shuttles is a Nashville based textile operation creating hand woven and dyed fabric for apparel as well as a line of accessories and one of a kind household items. Every piece is woven in-house on floor looms and from all natural fibers. 

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Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang | New York, NY

presented by Jamie Nashville
The Timo Weiland Collection reflects Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang’s personal aesthetic sensibilities and a broader desire to spur a return to the art of dressing. The designers won the Ecco Domani Fashion Fund award in January 2014 and took part in the 2012 and 2013 CFDA Incubator.

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van headshot_web.jpg


Van Hoang | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2015
2018 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient
Van Hoang is a sustainable womenswear designer based in Nashville, TN. Her clothing is modern yet timeless as well as versatile and functional. She strives to create pieces that can easily be incorporated into an existing wardrobe yet still maintain their unique characteristics. They range from one-of-a-kind to ready-to-wear and everything is handmade in her studio. Her collection for Nashville Fashion Week will primarily be made from deadstock and remnant materials to reduce unnecessary waste and promote awareness on this issue. 

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Headshots and bios were provided by designers in the year that they last showed. Runway photographs were provided by our Official Nashville Fashion Week Photographers - Doub Barry, Abigail Bobo, Taylor Christian Jones, Dustin Lewis, Ryan Mclemore, Alaina K. Mullin, Gerry Navarrete and Eric Winton.