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Abi Ferrin

Abi Ferrin | Dallas, Texas

2014 | 2013
Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Abi Ferrin has been passionate about sewing since a young age. In 2007, Abi was named Texas’ Next Top Designer and in 2010 was selected to be the featured designer of the NFL wives at the SuperBowl. Besides designing to make women feel confident and beautiful, Abi makes her clients partners in empowering women through her Freedom Project. 

Abi Ferrin is the versatile and sophisticated fashion brand that provides a chic solution for women of all ages and body types. With supreme fit, unique style and comfort as key elements throughout her collections, Abi Ferrin’s effortless essentials inspire women to feel confident and beautiful. Abi Ferrin is created in the USA, and partners with organizations that rescue women out of abusive employment globally. 

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Martha Montiel | Nashville, TN

After traveling for most of my childhood and seeing how opportunity can change everything for a woman, I decided to follow the passions that were rooted deep within my soul and begin our nonprofit, WeAreDAR. I am inspired by my two girls and I am so excited to see where this project takes us. I want to find the true beauty in people, other countries, other religions, and other horizons.

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Amanda Uprichard(1).jpg

Amanda Uprichard

Amanda Uprichard | New York, NY

Amanda Uprichard launched her eponymous clothing line in 2003. Blending wearability and effortless elegance, she caters to the woman who demands contemporary style with a touch of edge. Her clothes are sold in major department stores and over 500 boutiques.

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Ana Maria

Ana Maria Gomez | Nashville, TN

Ana Maria Gomez, or simply Ana Maria, has always had a creative mind and views fashion as one of the most interesting and expressive forms of art. She finds inspiration in anything she can and is very passionate about sharing her vision and ideas with others. Overall, Ana Maria’s aesthetic is feminine and whimsical with a touch of darkness.


Anna Victoria

Anna Mittelstadt | Chattanooga, TN

Anna Mittelstadt founded Anna Victoria in Chattanooga, TN in 2012. Anna Victoria blends clean lines with classic Southern charm. The line won the Atlanta Apparel Mart’s Buyer’s Choice award for favorite new designer and is sold in some of the best boutiques across the South.

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Black by Maria Silver

Maria (Poni) Silver | Nashville, TN

2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2018
2017 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient
2016 Fashion Forward Rising Star Award
Designer Maria Silver graduated from F.I.T. (NYC) in women's contemporary clothing and costume design. After working on Broadway, also in NYC and LA as a design assistant, and touring the world drumming for cult rock band The Ettes, she founded her fashion line, Black By Maria Silver, in 2011. BBMS has been featured in Nylon, Bust, Refinery 29, StyleBlueprint, Elle, and others. More recently, Silver designed for the critically acclaimed Nashville Ballet production 7 Deadly Sins, and in 2017, opened her first BBMS storefront in East Nashville.

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Brooke Atwood.jpg


Brooke Atwood | Savannah, GA

2016 | 2014
Brooke Atwood received her degree in business at the University of Mississippi and her design degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She grew up sewing with her grandmother and riding horses with her rodeo cowboy father. Although Brooke was raised in the south, she would never call herself a “proper southern girl,” choosing instead to be influenced by abstract art and independent music.

After receiving her degree she opened her own boutique in Mississippi. In 2012 – after selling her acclaimed boutique to pursue her design dream – Brooke launched her namesake brand with a collection of leather tees.

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Catland Freeze Headshot[1].jpg


Catland Freeze | Nashville, TN

Sixteen year old designer Catland Freeze is from Middle Tennessee. Showcasing in NYC, Atlanta and St. Louis her journey began at thirteen. Capturing fantasy creations with modern concepts she expresses her art with unique fabric choices and signature combinations.

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Julie Wheat | Charleston, SC

Julie Wheat has worked as a wardrobe stylist in television and film, brand and design consultant, coached new models on personal style and branding and is also a professor teaching Fashion at the Art Institute of Charleston and recently opened Cavortress, a boutique that offers conspicuous classics that are both vintage and new, clothing and accessories.

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Elizabeth Suzann.JPG


Elizabeth Martucci Pape | Nashville, TN

2014 | 2013
2015 Fashion Forward Rising Star Award
Elizabeth Suzann is a self taught designer, drawn to the field of clothing because it offers the potential to be both creative and precise. Balancing imaginative design with practicality and fit is a joy and challenge for her. Her passion lies in creating a product that is as functional as it is beautiful. 

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Eric A Bornhop | Nashville, TN

2015 | 2014
2015 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient
Eric Bornhop began his fashion career apprenticing under legendary designer/tailor Manuel in 2012. Inspired by everything beautiful, Eric launches his menswear line “Eric Adler” in NFW 2014, which mixes muted traditional styles with loud adornment for a wildly alluring combination.

European inspired and Nashville cultivated, Eric Adler is a menswear designer grown from the idea that style is for the everyday. Always tastefully bold, Eric Adler presents a collection of fine men’s garments suited for the Tastemaker. 

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Isabel Simpson-Kirsch | Nashville, TN

A recent graduate of Parsons School of Design, Isabel S-K has already found success as a young designer. Her first collection, “BASED”, went viral and was sold exclusively through the NYC store VFILES. Isabel now makes Nashville her home. 

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Emily Chou - Jacob Holston.jpg


Emily Chou & Nelson Nunes | Los Angeles, CA

presented by Emerson Grace
Launched in 2010 by owners Emily Chou & Nelson Nunes, Jacob Holston was created as a tangible extension of their passion for travel, art, fashion & adventure with the goal of subtly pushing the boundaries of what men every day.

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Johnathan Gillaspie | Nashville, TN

Johnathan “Kayne” Gillaspie loved growing up in the Music City and became enamored with fashion by watching his favorite stars Dolly and Reba on the red carpet. He attended O’More College of Design and graduated from FIT in NYC. This Project Runway All Star is quickly becoming the “go to” red carpet designer of the South.

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Julia profile pic.jpg


Julia Clancey | Los Angeles, CA

presented by Any Old Iron
Julia Clancey first began her career as a fashion stylist in both the music and advertising industries. Her work has been worn by many high profile people including Megan Fox, Juliette Lewis, and Dita Von Teese and has been featured in publications such as VOGUEW Magazine, Grazia and ELLE.

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Lagilelei Nadeau | Chicago, IL

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘ 13

The Nadeau collection blends high-end sophistication with feminine styling. This distinct style is emphasized by the designer's use of luxurious fabrications mixed with interesting detailing. Nadeau creates high quality pieces made in the USA, for women who have a strong sense of self and style.

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Laura Kathleen Headshot.jpg


Laura Kathleen | Saint Louis, MO

Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, the Laura Kathleen brand represents someone who obtains luxury. We say obtain because she doesn’t just desire things, she goes and gets them. The LK woman likes to be glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated but understands how to be sexy at the same time. From season 9 of Project Runway to season 2 of All-Stars, Laura Kathleen is quickly becoming a household name.




Lauren Leonard Phelps | Nashville, TN

‘14 | ‘13 | ‘12 | ‘11
2012 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient
LEONA launched in 2008 and is designed by Lauren Leonard. The collection is comprised of luxury wardrobe essentials for the modern woman. In 2013, Leonard was selected as the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund recipient. LEONA holds offices in Nashville, TN and New York, NY, as well as a retail store in Nashville’s 12 South District.

Maarika Mann Headshot.jpg


Maarika Mann | Nashville, TN

2014 O’More College of Design graduate Maarika Mann found her passion for art at an early age. Her use of natural motifs and silhouettes is inspired by tribal traditions. Her bold textiles are hand rendered using bleach.

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Melrose Space 10.JPG


Christine Graza | Los Angles, CA

LA native Christine Graza began her design journey as a vintage vendor at the famous Melrose Trading Post in space number 10. Inspired by bohemian living, she took her love one-of-a-kind vintage materials and her natural eye for purposeful style to create ‘La Boheme,’ a multi-functional piece that works as a closet full of endless possibilities. With over 31 ways to style her signature ‘Le Boheme,’ Christine translates the free spirited side of smart & functional design.

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Patrick T Cooper.jpg


Patrick T Cooper | Nashville, TN

The Patrick T Cooper resort collection is a celebration of unparalleled craftsmanship and a destination for women who value opulence in swim and resort attire.

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Truly Alvarenga | Nashville, TN

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘13 | ‘12
Truly Alvarenga is known primarily for her one-of-a-kind Couture Garments, wielding an aesthetic that is both florid and unique. Admirers of her style appreciate both the meticulous craftsmanship and the colorful stories that accompany the collections.

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New Zealand

presented by Levy's
The Rodd & Gunn menswear collection imports a fresh, rugged attitude from its native New Zealand. Fall 2014 incorporates rugged masculinity with intense color; while streamlined fits form a range that provide design-conscious garments that are both confident & practical.

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Denise Roxen | Nashville, TN

2016 | 2014
It all started with Rock music when Denise Roxen saw the coolest image of a young Keith Richards. Everything he wore clashed so incredibly. When her band went separate ways, Denise knew fashion was her next calling and that she had to transfer her rock vision into clothing.

Roxenstone inspires confidence that goes against the mainstream. Roxenstone is for men that have a little bit of Rock N Roll in their soul.

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Samantha & Patrick Pleet | New York, NY

New York designer Samantha Pleet and The Pratt Institute alumni, has established a cult following with indie musicians and creative dreamers around the world with her elegant otherworldly collections and shoe collaboration with Wolverine. Additionally, she has shown her work with Gen Art and EccoDomani during New York Fashion Week.

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Nina Ganci | Saint Louis, MO

“Joyful Freedom Every Step Of The Way” is one of the tag lines Skif International uses to describe their look.The company was launched in 1994 in Saint Louis Missouri, by Nina Ganci. Known for their hand knits, Skif has created an offbeat quirky style that is easily wearable and recognized by all. Design happens when a dress or sweater is created for the comfort and style of our customers.

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Staci Moening-Klausing | Nashville, TN

Ohio Native and California transplant, Staci Mo-Klausing is pursuing her own work in Nashville after 2 years of corporate design in L.A. SMOK is a Contemporary line inspired by the emotions and mysteries that occur in the hustle of everyday society.

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Megan Chapman & Aja Blumanhourst | Nashville, TN

Soluna’s 2014 fall collection is designed by Megan Chapman and Aja Blumanhourst. They are O’More College of Design alumni’s based out of San Diego and Nashville. The two have combined their strengths and differences to produce a ready to wear line for women.



presented by Gus Mayer
The SW3 Bespoke founders all hail originally from London and are inspired by the still relevant ‘London Cool’ made famous by the likes of iconic Jane Birkin. Launched in Fall 2011, SW3 Bespoke offers beautifully crafted jackets, pants and sportswear. A common thread each season is that ‘London Cool’, with a modern bohemian and sophisticated edge. Most of the luxury textiles come from Europe but production is done right here in the US.

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart | New York, NY

VAUTE (pronounced “Vote”) by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, focuses on creating the future of fashion- high design, ethics, and function at once. “Hilgart is the rebel of Fashion Week” said CNN News. Fans include Angela Kinsey, Emily Deschanel & Alicia Silverstone.

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Headshots and bios were provided by designers in the year that they last showed. Runway photographs were provided by our Official Nashville Fashion Week Photographers - Doug Barry, Heather Byrd, Dustin Lewis, Ryan Mclemore, Alaina K. Mullin, Gerry Navarrese, Studio One and Eric Winton.