‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 ‘14 | ‘13 | ‘12 ‘11



Lauren Grell | Nashville, TN 

A Lady of the Lake is womenswear designed and made to order in our Nashville studio. Feminine shapes and silhouettes are used to create clothing that brings an effortless magic to your wardrobe. We strive to design timeless pieces that are not only beautiful and feminine but are practical and wearable in our daily life.

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Amanda Casarez | Saint Louis, Missouri & Washington, DC

2019 | 2018
The DC and STL based brand, Amanda Casarez, established in 2015, continues to make its mark with its brand signature of street chic with contemporary polish, and unexpected color and texture combinations. This women's advanced-contemporary line is composed of statement making pieces and everyday essentials for head-to-toe-dressing, making it perfect for our everyday muse, the bold and unapologetic woman of today.

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andrew edit -1829.jpg


Andrew Clancey | Nashville, Tennessee

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16
2019 Fashion Forward Rising Star Award

Andrew Clancey, designer of Any Old Iron started creating his sparkly designs for men and women three years ago in Nashville. He premiered his first collection at Nashville Fashion Week and has gone on to make clothes for Cher, Jane Fonda, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne, Nikki Minaj and Miranda Lambert to name a few.

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ARTICLE X | Madness Is

Emily Swinson | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2017
Article X is an independent fashion brand handmade in Nashville, TN. From structured basics to oversized silhouettes to obscure detailing, Article X channels dark imagery with minimal design for men and women. 




Ashleigh Cain | Nashville, Tennessee

ASHE CAIN is a Nashville based brand inspired by and made from unexpected elements in nature. Only using natural fibers, ASHE CAIN pushes the envelope with what it means to wear sustainable clothing. Intriguing colors and silhouettes lead way to designs that are a little quirky, somewhat futuristic, and mildly confusing. 

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Barbara Bultman | Saint Louis, Missouri 

2019 | 2018
Saint Louis Native, Barbara Bultman, earned her BFA at Lindenwood University in 2015, also Couture Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week in 2016. Barbara Bultman designs, established in 2015, is an independent fashion brand that is made in house. Her designs are structural, detail oriented, edgy a modern day bohemian twist of style. She uses a mixed media of fabrics and unconventional materials to Carey one of a kind textures and prints. It's a revolutionary crossroad of style for the fearless woman. Dare 2 Wear

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Brittany Sconiers.jpg


Brittany Sconiers | Sunrise, Florida

Britache' by Bri designs fuse the fine art imperatives of imagination, aesthetic, and intellect with thoughtful shapes that revel in and reveal the beauty of the female form. Ready-to-wear, elevated athluxury pieces and unique, expressive evening wear by Britache' uniquely honors powerful women who know the value of work, play, and self-expression.

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Justin Mark Richards | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2018
Justin Mark Richards brings clothing from the stage to everyday life. Clothing that truly expresses who you are as an individual. All handmade never duplicated, Justin’s custom pieces bring rock n roll, country and high fashion together in perfect harmony.

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Laura Citron | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2018
Laura Citron is a fashion label celebrating maximalist glamour, and based in Nashville, TN since 2016. Laura combines her degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) in Apparel Merchandising with years of working with New York’s top luxury vintage apparel retailers. In 2014, she moved to Nashville and opened her own edited vintage clothing boutique, OPIUMvintage. Connecting the past and the present, Laura has now created a label that evokes the fun and eclectic whimsy of decades past with a reimagined vision for a modern world!

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Caitlin Stolley | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2018 | 2017
Every time a person dons a Lily Guilder piece, they stand taller and feel more confident; a little shift happens in the universe as intrinsic power is realized. More people (and dogs) with Lily Guilder in their closets results in more happiness, sparkle, and strength in our world. Confident people collaborate, innovate, and solve problems. Lily Guilder Design exists to bolster belief in self and community.

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Derek DeAndre| Birmingham, Alabama

Love & Osker, a vibrant and over the top apparel brand, meets at the intersection of fashion, costuming and storytelling. It is a merger of multiple passions and stands to serve as a means of bold and fearless self-expression. (Partners with Splashed by DKG’ Daniel Grier from 2017 -2018)




Lagilelei Nadeau | Chicago, IL

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘ 13

The Nadeau collection blends high-end sophistication with feminine styling. This distinct style is emphasized by the designer's use of luxurious fabrications mixed with interesting detailing. Nadeau creates high quality pieces made in the USA, for women who have a strong sense of self and style.

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Leslie Stephens | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2018 | 2015
Nashville based and produced clothing line Ola Mai is designed by Leslie Stephens, a Nashville native who strives to support a positive body image for women with quality garments known for their unique elegance. Stephens’ designs are driven by the desire to allow every woman to express herself. The line takes its name from Stephens’ great-grandmother, Ola Mai.

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Ashley Balding | Nashville, TN

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15
Ona Rex was established in 2014 and seeks to provide unique, luxurious garments to the bold, independent woman. Saturated colors, rich textures, and careful silhouettes invoke a sense of whimsy and strength amidst the chaos of the modern world. Ona Rex is designed and produced in-house in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Paulie Gibson | Saint Louis, Missouri

Paulie Gibson is a contemporary menswear brand designed thoughtfully for the man who loves clothes. Through an eclectic assortment of styles paired with focus on fit, fabrication, & texture, Paulie helps a man be a bit more expressive via his apparel. Paulie Gibson has been sold on Zappos.com, featured on America’s Next Top Model, been worn to the Grammy awards, and featured in many numerous fashion editorials. We are fun, sexy, and cool.

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Suzanne Wade | Brentwood, Tennessee

Rank & Sugar is not just a label. It’s connecting humans, honoring soldiers, empowering women, finding a voice, spreading peace. Each garment is hand selected for its perfect patina, then reinvented one by one to become the hero piece in a woman’s closet. In a world of fast fashion, we stand out as a lifestyle brand made from passion, craft and intention. We will always hold these values and it is our hope that comes through in what our hands have created.

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SHEA STEELE | White Rabbit

Shea Steele | New York, New York

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘12 | ‘11
A Tennessee native currently based in New York, Steele is a textile designer whose collections fuse striking prints, intricate embellishments, and bold color combinations into an exciting juxtaposition of punk and polish.

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Daniel Grier | Birmingham, Alabama

2019 | 2018 | 2017
Splashed by DKG is a Street-Style brand that exists to make everyday look and feel like a runway. DKG, named after its founder, began in 2013 as a project to reinvent classic denim pieces by adding its bold, signature Splash. Since its debut, DKG has made a Splash on celebrities such as Tamar Braxton, Ty Hunter, Jasmine Burke, Mishon, and Goo Goo Atkins, and featured on WEtv's "Braxton Family Values" and "Cutting it in the ATL."

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Truly Alvarenga | Pink Elephants

Truly Alvarenga | Nashville, TN

‘19 | ‘18 | ‘17 | ‘16 | ‘15 | ‘14 | ‘13 | ‘12
Truly Alvarenga is known primarily for her one-of-a-kind Couture Garments, wielding an aesthetic that is both florid and unique. Admirers of her style appreciate both the meticulous craftsmanship and the colorful stories that accompany the collections.

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Van Hoang | Nashville, Tennessee

2019 | 2015
2018 Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Recipient
Van Hoang is a sustainable womenswear designer based in Nashville, TN. Her clothing is modern yet timeless as well as versatile and functional. She strives to create pieces that can easily be incorporated into an existing wardrobe yet still maintain their unique characteristics. They range from one-of-a-kind to ready-to-wear and everything is handmade in her studio. Her collection for Nashville Fashion Week will primarily be made from deadstock and remnant materials to reduce unnecessary waste and promote awareness on this issue. 

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van headshot_web.jpg

Headshots and bios were provided by designers in the year that they last showed. Runway photographs were provided by our Official Nashville Fashion Week Photographers - Abigail Bobo, Doug Barry, Heather Byrd, Andy Evinger, Dustin Lewis, Alaina K. Mullin, Gerry Navarrete, Jake Giles Netter, Clint Searcy, Daniel Perry Studios, Studio One and Eric Winton.